Friday, May 28, 2010

Truman's at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic

Posted by Melissa Colabella
On May 17th, Truman's attended the Manhattan Cocktail Classic at the New York Public Library. The Manhattan Cocktail Classic, "New York City’s first ever multi-day event celebrating the history, contemporary culture, and artful craft of the cocktail. Part festival, part fĂȘte, part conference, part cocktail party, the Manhattan Cocktail Classic brings together the unparalleled talents and opportunities of the bars, bartenders, and restaurants of our great city for five days of activities, both educational and celebratory in nature, championing the common ideals of authenticity, equality, sustainability, service, and pleasure."

Covering all four floors of the library, over 130 sponsors offered up their best drinks with the attendees. Amongst the incredible concoctions to be appreciated, my favorites included Aperol's lavender infused limoncello mixer, garnished with fresh flowers and Ultimat's refreshing vodka, cucumber juice, simple syrup and fresh pepper drink. Ultimat Vodka had also created a real photo shoot. Fedoras, 1950s style cigarette holders and faux blue and purple mink stoles were available accessories as patrons posed on set with cigarette girls.

In addition to the live music, Harlequins, Oompa Loompa’s, and a brief appearance from Mario Batali, Truman's Gentleman's Groomer's set up shop on the top floor offering guests complimentary shaves, facials, manicures, massages and shoe shines.

To read more about the event, visit: Article by Socially Superlative featuring Truman's at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic


(Photos courtesy of Socially Superlative and photographer Eric Strauss)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Truman's Participates in the Hair For Oil Spills Program!

Posted by Melissa Colabella

Check out this video:
Watch the Matter of Trust Video on You Tube

It was reported today that oil from the Gulf Coast leak has hit the Louisiana coastline and is headed towards south Florida.

For three weeks Truman's has been collecting hair clippings and will be sending them to the Matter of Trust Organization. Once at Matter of Trust, volunteers compile loose hair and stuff it into nylon stockings which are then tied together to make "booms" that surround and contain as well as soak up oil spills. The organization has also teamed up with Ottimat to create hair and fur mats that clean up the spill with their National Fiber Recycling System.

"You shampoo your hair because hair collects oil. Hair is very efficient at gathering oil, skin oils off your face, oil pollution out of the air, water, and even petroleum oil spills. Hair is adsorbant, (as in clings to, unlike absorbant, which is to soak up). There are over 370,000 hair salons in the US and each collects about 1 pound of hair a day. Right now, most of that goes into the waste stream but it should all be made into hairmats." - Phil McCrory, inventor and stylist.

We want to thank all of the volunteers of the Matter of Trust program for orchestrating this program and we thank our clients for allowing us to assist in the cleanup through recycled hair!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New York Mag Reports on Manorexia

Posted by Melissa Colabella

(Found in the May 10th issue of New York Mag)

"One of the side effects of metrosexuality seems to be the affliction of men with the same unrealistic body images that women have been dealing with for years. Next month, the British mannequin maker Rootstein debuts their latest male form—the “Homme Nouveau,” feminized and not so hearty, with a 35-inch chest and a 27-inch waist. Perfect for the trendiest, string-beaniest clothing, sure. But there’s evidence that the new paradigm has given rise to male anorexia.

Dimensions of Rootstein’s Male Mannequins:
THE CLASSIC: 1967, 42” chest, 33” waist
THE MUSCLEMAN: 1983, 41” chest, 31” waist
THE SWIMMER: 1994, 38” chest, 28” waist
THE ANDROGYNE (a.k.a. “Homme Nouveau”): 2010, 35” chest, 27” waist"

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