Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hair Loss Facts and Fiction

Posts by Melissa Colabella

The most common question my clients ask me is related to hair loss. How can they prevent it? Are they doomed because their mother's father went bald? Should they try the comb-over, cut it short, or just shave it all off? Below are some myths debunked.

Myth: Your hair loss genetic destiny comes from your mother's side.

Fact: According to, hair loss and hair growth is set by a genetic combination determined by both sides of your family. Of course, if your family tree is filled with balding scalps, you do have a better chance of losing hair.

Myth: Blow Drying your hair or using product promotes hair loss.

Fact: Too much drying may lead to brittle and breakable hair, but men with shorter hairstyles are usually cutting their hair off way before any damage can begin to show. This is more of a concern with women who wear their hair long. And as for styling product and coloring processes resulting in hair loss, there’s no truth to that. These applications may cause some damage to the hair strands if you regularly choose poor quality products with a high alcohol or peroxide content. Regardless of what you put on the hair on your head, the root of the hair, located under the skin, stays safe.

Qu: Can medications cause hair loss?
Fact: According to Dr. Robert Leonard, a hair loss expert for Rogaine, There are a number of medications that can cause hair loss. The most common are, medication for blood thinners (e.g., Coumadin), anti-anxiety medications (specifically SSRIs like Prozac, Lexipro, and Zoloft), drugs that employ chemotherapy agents (e.g., Methotrexate and Tamoxifen) and the long-term use of steroids. To determine if your hair loss is due to medication, you must consult your doctor. Your doctor can then decide if you can switch medications

(Photo courtesy of Model Mayhem and is no way implying proof of steroid use.)
Myth: Lotions and potions can't regrow my hair.
Fact: According to, a company that uses the active ingredient Minoxidil in their product, "In clinical testing, ROGAINE® Foam regrew hair in 85% of men after 4 months when used twice daily." According to, "NIOXIN® is not a hair loss product but a scalp and hair care regimen designed to improve the scalp health environment and improve the appearance of fine and thin looking hair. Regardless of the many contributing factors associated with thinning, using NIOXIN® to create an optimum scalp environment helps encourage healthy, thicker-looking hair." NIOXIN® products may be used simultaneously with Propecia®. The company does not recommend any NIOXIN® Treatments with Rogaine®. Propecia® is a registered trademark and product of Merck & Co. Inc. Rogaine® is a registered trademark and product of McNeil-PPC Inc.

Qu: What is the best way to style thinning or receding hair? Should I buzz it off? Comb it over? Grow it long? Keep it short?

Answer: That's best determined during a consultation with your stylist. Every individual has a unique hair texture, balding pattern, growth pattern and preference.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Truman's Holiday Gifts

For the first time ever, Truman's is offering a special 'haircut only' annual membership package for $725. A haircut every four weeks for a whole year!

Please visit our website for other pre-set packages the man in your life will love:
Truman's Holiday Packages

If you would like to create a custom package, please send an email to, with the services you would like to include and we will put together a custom gift package for you. 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Black Friday! Looking for stocking stuffer ideas? Pocket Combs make a come back!

 Posted by Melissa Colabella

David Coleman posted a great article in the New York Times about men's hairstyling and the comeback of the pocket comb. Bed-head spikes are becoming a trend of the past as styles focus more on refinement.

"The shorter hairstyles are very in,” he said, “and guys want to look neat.”

To read the full article:
New York Times - Pocket Combs Make A Comeback

Monday, November 15, 2010

No Shave November

Posted By Melissa Colabella

I've been noticing a lot of whiskers, fuzz and fur this month but generally nothing one would classify as a "beard." Apparently 'No Shave November' is growing in popularity. There is a band named after the phrase, an organized Facebook group encouraging the boycott, college students using it to promote prostate cancer awareness, and men from around the nation joining in the trend out of just pure laziness.

Now there's nothing wrong with a great beard. An unknown author quotes, "There are two kinds of people in this world that go around beardless - boys and women - and I am neither one." But a good beard need maintenance. A committed group of manly men created a website for the cause which also includes several types of beard styles you can shape your face fuzz into come December 1st:

No Shave November

Mustaches for Prostate Cancer Awareness:

Some trendy beards of note:

Conan O'Brien's unemployment beard

Barber Jim Flacche's special stache:

Why the mustache? "The beard grows gray. Add the chops and you have a fresh retro look," says Jim.

Monday, November 8, 2010

New York Mag Discusses Men's Worst Hair

Posted by Melissa Colabella

I am so greatful for "The Fug Girls Survey Fall's Worst Hair, Men's Division" in the latest October issue of New York Magazine. I personally felt Danny McBride from Eastbound & Down should have been the poster boy for corn-rows but his permed mullet does deserve cult stardom.

Quoting the article, "Actors love to stretch. This fall, they also like to tease, braid, muss, shellac, even perm - some with questionable results." Check out some of their guide:

I've told clients time and time again - growing out your hair doesn't translate into growing unkempt hair. Zach Galifianakis's "especially lively pubic shrub" says it all.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Luxury Spot Writes About The Truman's Experience

Truman's held a private scotch tasting event for our members sponsored by The Compass Box. Here is another guy who will never wash his hands again following Aneta's manicure.

To read the full article:

"How do you evoke a certain feeling without imposing on people in any way?" Spencer Morgan Writes About The New Trend of Scent Branding

Posted by Melissa Colabella

Have you ever wondered if spritzing your cologne while dressing for work impacted anyone but yourself? Did you ever think about the feelings you could provoke in others who got a whiff of you? Spencer Morgan published an article in Business Week explaining how scent branding is sweeping the fragrance industry and delves into why the corporate world should care about the psychological responses to smell.

"From Abercrombie & Fitch to Fiat, companies are using "ambient scenting" in an effort to leave indelible impressions with their customers," says Morgan. "Credit Suisse, De Beers, and Sony have all been experimenting with ambient scenting in their retail spaces." "Salisbury, North Carolina based Bloom grocery stores made history by erecting the first-ever scented billboard, which sprays a charbroiled smell over a highway via a giant fan."

 To read the full article:
Scent Branding Sweeps the Fragrance Industry by Spencer Morgan, Business Week

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"A Groom's Gift of Grooming" Featured on 'Style and Sensibility'

By Melissa Colabella

In the Middle Ages, groomsmen stood by the groom to help him snatch back his bride in the event that her family or a jealous knight would rescue her before becoming the groom’s property. Today, groomsmen’s responsibilities are limited, now reduced to just a few responsibilities with a primary focus on planning a wicked bachelor party, and weddings are centered more around the bride than the bride-hunter.

Thankfully, modern day weddings are not violent and archaic, but in some respects we hold onto those old wedding traditions. Most likely, a groom has selected his groomsmen because these special friends and family members have stood by his side up to this point in his life. It’s important for the groom to recognize this brotherhood by showing his gratitude.

A groom’s gift of grooming is a rather selfish, but greatly appreciated and appropriate gesture. This ensures that your groomsmen don’t show up to your wedding looking the same way they did the morning after your bachelor party, presumably keeping the bride happy as well.........

To read the full article, including the seven tips, please visit Style & Sensibility:

Friday, October 1, 2010

Old School Hair Gets Older

By Melissa Colabella

If there is anything that television has taught me, it's that we as viewers love to visit time periods that we have never lived through, or, depending on  your age, re-visit periods that we were too young to remember. Mad Men attracts more viewers and more awards as it approaches the end of it's third season, we're excited to replace the 1060's with the 1920's as we hang out with gangsters and bootleggers on Sunday nights with HBO's new series, Boardwalk Empire.

I've also read that life imitates art, as proven when car hijacking crimes rose after the premier of "Gone in 60 Seconds" and when merlot sales tanked as pinot noir sales rose after the premier of "Sideways". It only seems natural that we'll see more vintage styles becoming mainstream as Martin Scorsese's Boardwalk Empire gains popularity.

Men's hairstyling trends in 2010 were updates versions of "classic" cuts and if my prediction comes true, they'll become even more veteran. See what you think, and if you find that your new style doesn't suit you, you can always cover it up with your already re-popularized fedora.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet a Truman's Client - Alex Fogelson

By Melissa Colabella

'Meet a Truman's Client' is our answer to your question, "What kind of guy comes here?"

Meet New York resident Alex Fogelson, a 21 year old student of Tulane University and creator of Chapfix, the lip balm engineered for men.  This young entrepreneur's product can be found at

What drew you to Truman's?  It's in my neighborhood and I liked that it is catered to men. I had walked by a million times and thought I should give it a try. 

Did you enjoy it? What was your favorite part of your Truman's experience? Definitely - the atmosphere. There's a great vibe there and I was taken care of very well. The level of service and quality is very high which makes for a really enjoyable experience. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Instant Hair Turnoff's by AskMen.Com

Posted by Melissa Colabella

I found this article by Christina Colangelo on which I thought was pretty on point. Her suggestions mimic my own and she's not even a stylist. My only counterpoint is to her suggestion that a man shouldn't fuss with anything more than a comb. If you want your hair to look exactly as it does as it grows out of your head, then fine. But if you're actually trying to look stylish and your desired look doesn't occur naturally, you will need product, and possibly a blow dryer. And as for her opinion on dread-locks, she's right. They're hot on Lenny Kravitz, and can work for even your average rocker or college student. But even so, keep then clean and neat.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Chris Shows Us How To Dress Up A Casual Outfit

Posted by Melissa Colabella

Meet Chris Stanley, Trumans' Valet, Front of House, and resident DJ.

Even on dressed down Saturdays, Chris fancies up his jeans and white t-shirt with a buttoned up vest, jewelry and new Supra sneakers because he "always prefers to overdress." In fact, he wears a vest every day except for Sunday.

"I like to put effort into my outfits," he says. "I think people appreciate it."

What inspired you to make vests your daily uniform?

"I don't own a suit. My mother invited me to a formal dinner and I didn't have a suit to wear so I bought a vest. I've been wearing them ever since."

What happened when you began dressing differently? I bet girls asked for your number.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Iran Promotes Classic Styles- Banning Mullets, Pompadours and Ponytails

Posted by Melissa Colabella
Here's an interesting article that CNN ran earlier this month. The regime has always required head coverings for women and recently provided hair styling guidelines for men. Apparently the textured modern mullet won't work here either.

See if your is acceptable before traveling:
CNN Article: Iran promotes "Islamic" hairstyles

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

World Cup Soccer Hair

Posted by Melissa Colabella

The 2010 World Cup is coming to an end, and in case you lost interest due to the USA's recent defeat, here is another reason to stay tuned. Soccer hair!

In soccer, there will always be crew cuts, fades, mullets, braids, faux-hawks and afro's but certain players have taken a modern twist on old-school do's, dejecting distasteful stereotypes and starting new trends in men's hair styling. However, before you run to your stylist for the latest coif, keep in mind that not everyone can pull off a textured mullet like body-fat deficient Portuguese playboy Cristiano Ronoldo.

Legendary trend-setter David Beckham had to sit out this time around but must be mentioned for his influential styles. Although fans booed him during the US vs. England game, one cannot deny that he is very very stylish.
Each country's style reflected their culture with the US remaining more conservative than the rest. Our players performed well in their cropped styles and classic cuts.

Trending this year are bleached non-blondes with Algeria leading the trend in blonded bald fades. Most notable was Hassan Yebda and Faouzi Chaouchi.

The textured faux-hawk is still popular amongst players varied by color, length and styling. Check out Fernando Torres and David Villa. And while Fernando said goodbye to his long blonde highlights, Fabio Coentrao of Portugal  and Valon Behraim of Switzerland wear them proudly.

Outside of the hipster population, long hairstyles haven't survived as a mainstream style in the US. However, soccer athletes around the world wear their hair long, either coiffed or unkempt, causing a need for accessories a la Serbia, Greece, Argentina, Uruguay, Italy and Mexico.

Honorable mention goes to Taribo West who hasn't exactly started a trend with his multi-colored braids, but earns credit for doing so.

And lastly, while Colombia hasn't qualified for  the world cup since their devastating loss of Andres Escobar in 1994, notable mention must be made to the renowned hairstyles to both Andres and Carlos Valderama.

Comment on this post and tell us your favorites!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

5,500 Year Old Shoe Found in Armenia

Posted by Melissa Colabella

The Associated Press came out with an article yesterday announcing the oldest shoe ever discovered. The shoe was found in an Armenian cave and dates as far back as between 5,387 and 5,637 years ago.
"The shoe found in what is now Armenia was found in a pit, along with a broken pot and some wild goat horns.," says science writer Randolph E Schmid.

I can't help but notice that after 5,500 years, men's shoes haven't evolved that drastically. Notice the similarity to Cole Haan's FLX Air Jasper Mid's. Come on guys, its time for a shoe revolution!

For more information, check out Oldest Leather Shoe Steps Out After 5,500 Years

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Meet A Truman's Client - Erik Michielsen

Posted by Melissa Colabella

Ever wonder who you will meet at Truman's? We want to thank Truman's client and today's guest blogger, Erik Michielsen for the interview.

Please tell us about yourself. Who are you and where, how and why do you do it?

My name is Erik Michielsen and I'm 36 years old.  I'm a Brooklyn-based Internet and Media entrepreneur.  I was born in Chicago and raised in Michigan.  Since I've been young, I've always been about bringing people together to play, to learn, to work, and to serve.    

My passion is in the human story and how to improve an individual's narrative by connecting him or her to resources - people, information, finances - that can make his or her story shine brighter.  

In early 2009 I began my startup journey piecing together what would become Capture Your Flag.  There are two elements.  The first, the public facing side, is an online video interview series that spotlights up and coming leaders across industries.  The show aspires to inform and inspire its early to mid career viewers to build more fulfilling careers.  The show It does this by showcasing the formative experiences shaping interviewee career decisions and development over time.  Interviews are segmented into short pieces by question and are organized by common leadership themes as well as by industry.  Interviewees return annually to discuss new topics and revisit how previously covered ones have evolved.  The show can be seen at  The second element, the private side, involves creating custom Capture Your Flag experiences for corporations, namely going internal, interviewing rising talent, and creating video interview libraries tailored to talent development, leadership training, and internal communications to help companies develop tomorrow's leaders, starting today.    

My passion for human story extends to my efforts outside my startup.  My focus is on enabling a younger "next generation" of leaders, specifically children.  I'm very involved on two fronts related to this.  The first, Kilifi Kids ( has provided computer labs, scholarships and de-worming medication to over 30,000 children in Kilifi, Kenya.  I'm on the board of directors and am headed to Kenya this summer to kick off a mobile health project that aims to bring health care to the people and, specifically, fight off malnutrition in Kenyan children.  The end goal is to keep them healthier and in school to open their future to possibility.  I'm also involved locally with Peer Health Exchange( which trains college volunteers to go into public high schools across the country and teach a 12-week health education course in schools that no longer offer health education. 

When I'm not building my business or engaged in philanthropic efforts, I love to run - somehow managed to complete the 2009 marathon - and am a huge foodie.  I regularly enter food cookoffs and host dinner parties.  Why?  You guessed it...the unifying element of shared experience and discovery around food, wine, and the encompassing conversation.  Please follow me at and on Twitter!  

What drew you to Truman's?

My early hair salon experiences were interesting ones.  For one, I wore a flat top in high school.  Two, I somehow had the bright idea to have laser lines, specifically a Van Halenlogo, cut into my hair.  While my laser line days are gone, the memories, oh the memories, remain.  In college, I worked at a tailor - a true haberdashery - in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  It was a true salon for conversation and offered a throwback to days where timelessness mattered, not trend.  That element is present in Trumans, where I can go and be comfortable.  Comfortable in my dress and comfortable in my choice of cut.  Medium to long length with a balance between Internet business and Brooklyn.  

As for what drew me to Truman's, it was the concept and dear friends.  New York City is a busy place, and this is good.  There are times however, where we need to find respite amidst ongoing, seemingly never ending demands.  For me, that means three things: running in parks, going to movies, and, yes, hitting Trumans.  I know that going into Truman's guarantees me a warm, casual, stress free experience where I'll be greeted by Joel, Joe or another welcome face and will catapult into the back for a Six Points beer or coffee, a hot towel, a good conversation, and a great haircut.  

On the friends front, I was able to watch my friends Joe and Hans transition into entrepreneurs first hand.  It has been special watching John, Joe, and Hans learn and develop a growing business over time.  The best part has been witnessing the team and culture shape year over year into something that remains so special.  People come in with passion, enthusiasm and commitment and, over time, they build fulfilling careers.  I'm looking forward to what comes next with Truman's, not only for its aspiring staff and clients but also for those who have yet to discover the 56th St. oasis.  

What is your favorite part of the Truman's experience?

As for favorite parts of the Truman's experience, I think it comes down to interacting with staff, exchanging smiles and stories.  No matter my mood, which is admittedly normally a smiling mood, I always leave the Truman's team feeling great and ready to make a greater lasting contribution in what I do each and every day.  

Friday, May 28, 2010

Truman's at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic

Posted by Melissa Colabella
On May 17th, Truman's attended the Manhattan Cocktail Classic at the New York Public Library. The Manhattan Cocktail Classic, "New York City’s first ever multi-day event celebrating the history, contemporary culture, and artful craft of the cocktail. Part festival, part fĂȘte, part conference, part cocktail party, the Manhattan Cocktail Classic brings together the unparalleled talents and opportunities of the bars, bartenders, and restaurants of our great city for five days of activities, both educational and celebratory in nature, championing the common ideals of authenticity, equality, sustainability, service, and pleasure."

Covering all four floors of the library, over 130 sponsors offered up their best drinks with the attendees. Amongst the incredible concoctions to be appreciated, my favorites included Aperol's lavender infused limoncello mixer, garnished with fresh flowers and Ultimat's refreshing vodka, cucumber juice, simple syrup and fresh pepper drink. Ultimat Vodka had also created a real photo shoot. Fedoras, 1950s style cigarette holders and faux blue and purple mink stoles were available accessories as patrons posed on set with cigarette girls.

In addition to the live music, Harlequins, Oompa Loompa’s, and a brief appearance from Mario Batali, Truman's Gentleman's Groomer's set up shop on the top floor offering guests complimentary shaves, facials, manicures, massages and shoe shines.

To read more about the event, visit: Article by Socially Superlative featuring Truman's at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic


(Photos courtesy of Socially Superlative and photographer Eric Strauss)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Truman's Participates in the Hair For Oil Spills Program!

Posted by Melissa Colabella

Check out this video:
Watch the Matter of Trust Video on You Tube

It was reported today that oil from the Gulf Coast leak has hit the Louisiana coastline and is headed towards south Florida.

For three weeks Truman's has been collecting hair clippings and will be sending them to the Matter of Trust Organization. Once at Matter of Trust, volunteers compile loose hair and stuff it into nylon stockings which are then tied together to make "booms" that surround and contain as well as soak up oil spills. The organization has also teamed up with Ottimat to create hair and fur mats that clean up the spill with their National Fiber Recycling System.

"You shampoo your hair because hair collects oil. Hair is very efficient at gathering oil, skin oils off your face, oil pollution out of the air, water, and even petroleum oil spills. Hair is adsorbant, (as in clings to, unlike absorbant, which is to soak up). There are over 370,000 hair salons in the US and each collects about 1 pound of hair a day. Right now, most of that goes into the waste stream but it should all be made into hairmats." - Phil McCrory, inventor and stylist.

We want to thank all of the volunteers of the Matter of Trust program for orchestrating this program and we thank our clients for allowing us to assist in the cleanup through recycled hair!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New York Mag Reports on Manorexia

Posted by Melissa Colabella

(Found in the May 10th issue of New York Mag)

"One of the side effects of metrosexuality seems to be the affliction of men with the same unrealistic body images that women have been dealing with for years. Next month, the British mannequin maker Rootstein debuts their latest male form—the “Homme Nouveau,” feminized and not so hearty, with a 35-inch chest and a 27-inch waist. Perfect for the trendiest, string-beaniest clothing, sure. But there’s evidence that the new paradigm has given rise to male anorexia.

Dimensions of Rootstein’s Male Mannequins:
THE CLASSIC: 1967, 42” chest, 33” waist
THE MUSCLEMAN: 1983, 41” chest, 31” waist
THE SWIMMER: 1994, 38” chest, 28” waist
THE ANDROGYNE (a.k.a. “Homme Nouveau”): 2010, 35” chest, 27” waist"

For the Full Article

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Interview with Estella Eckard - Trumans' Massage Therapist and Skin Care Specialist

By Melissa Colabella

A number of clients have asked about what goes on in the spa area of Truman's. Whether the bewilderment is because the concept of a male spa is new and unfamiliar or because the spa industry in general is mysterious, hopefully the below conversation with one of Trumans' own resident Massage Therapists and Skin Care Specialists, Estella Eckardt will provide some clarification.

MC: Let's talk about waxing. How do you suggest a man take care of his uni-brow?
EE: I suggest waxing in that area. Wax pulls hair from the roots and keeps it looking clean the longest.

MC: How do you feel about eye-brow shaping on men?
EE: Shaping is necessary to maintain proportion. By respecting the natural shape, for example, not making the arch too high, too thin, or too pointy, we can keep it looking masculine.

MC: What do you suggest for men who refuse to wax?
EE: Tweezing the area works as well. Tweezing every other hair can make the area look cleaner without making it look too manicured. However, it's not going to take care of the tiny vellus hairs.

MC: Can you tell us more about Reflexology?
EE: Reflexology manipulates the feet and hands in order to improve circulation, ease pain and increase relaxation in the body. It's based on the theory that all body parts, organs and glands are associated with specific areas called reflex zones in the feet, hands, ears and the surface of the skin.

MC: Why would someone get a reflexology treatment?
EE: The feet are very complex. There are 107 ligaments, over 7,000 nerve endings, 19 muscles, 26 bones and 33 joints in the feet. One fourth of all of our bones are located in our feet. Reflexology is very therapeutic and calming. It also promotes overall balance.

MC: Is Reflexology a treatment in itself or is is part of a massage?
EE: Either. However I suggest trying an hour of just treating the feet.

MC: Who should get this treatment?
EE: Runners, doctors, nurses, or anyone who is on their feet all day. Conversely, if you sit all day, fluids can get trapped in the feet and toxic crystals form in the feet and legs. We can break them up through massage. Due to the position of being at the bottom of the body, the feet accumulate the greatest amount of toxins.

MC: So.... really, everyone.
EE: Yes. Everyone gets uric and lactic acid buildup. Over time this contributes to pain, mental and physical fatigue.

MC: What other kinds of bodywork do you offer?
EE: Shiatsu, deep tissue, myofascial release and cupping, just to name a few but there are several modalities.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Social Experimentation

By Melissa Colabella

Today I was reading Colin Wright’s blog  on, titled, “I’m A Man of Many Experiments.” It got me thinking about all of the social experiments I’ve tried in my own life- all efforts conducted and completed without the awareness that I was performing an experiment at the time. 

Like Colin, I have also gone a year without television, just to see if it were possible. It’s actually a very easy habit to break when you live in NY. I also tried going on a raw food diet just to see if I could detect physical and emotional changes in my body. This wasn’t as easy.  An experiment that I’ve tried which Colin doesn’t mention comes from Dale Carnegie’s book, “How To Win Friends and Influence People.” Try to go a week without talking about yourself in conversation with others. Now try going another week without complaining (about anything), and yet another without making an excuse. This includes blaming the train for your lateness even if it wasn’t on time! I found that it was easier to dine on raw carrots for months than complete either of these tasks. 

You might be wondering why I’m discussing social experiments on a salon blog. I’ve been thinking lately about how hair consultations with clients are similar to social experiments.  Think about how significant your hairstyle is to your image. One of the questions I ask clients is whether or not they have a “professional” job, and what the corporate culture is like.  Or, if they work for themselves, what the image of their brand is.

It’s no secret that people assume personality traits based on image. For example, I’ve seen younger men completely transform themselves for an interview thinking that the image change will be more acceptable to their future employers. As a female, I’ve noticed a difference in the way I was treated by people when I wear my hair short as opposed to long.  

The truth is that this could go many ways. Does a funky hairstyle really mean that a person is an off-beat non-conformist, or are they trying extra hard to offset their normalcy through flamboyancy? Does a cookie-cutter hairstyle mean that the person wearing it has no unique or creative ideas of their own, or is his or her methodology so unique that they feel they must keep their style tame in an effort to not appear to overly eccentric? It could be neither. 

I would like to suggest a social experiment for our readers. The next time you think about your hairstyle, think about what it is that you like about it. Does it help you fit in where you would normally feel out of place? Does it make you stand out? Does it make you feel younger, older, or more successful?  Are you a minimalist and shave it off because you can’t be bothered? What is one personality trait of yours that you would like your hairstyle to speak to?  If you have made a drastic change, have other people’s first impressions or opinions of you changed? 

Let us know. Comments are welcomed!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Reasons Not To Rush Your Cut

By Melissa Colabella

This post is for the man who wants a quality haircut and who is willing to give only 15 minutes of his time. I understand  the importance of being punctual for a business lunch, the consequence of missing a train, and the emphasis in this city to make a buck. However, a hair-cut is a handcrafted piece of art given to you by your hairstylist. 

Ok - ok! I get it. Sometimes you don’t want a piece of art, you just want a haircut. The thing is, the technique we use to cut your hair can affect the outcome of your cut - and quite possibly, not in a good way. If you have only 15 minutes of your time to give, you can make a significant difference in the appearance of your hair by getting a clean-up, that is, fixing your sideburns and neckline. Schedule a clean-up the next time you’re in a rush  and you can ensure that your leave on time and looking neater. 

Stylists always want you looking your best, since after all, you are their brand. When someone notices their client’s hair, they’re either buying it or they aren’t. Your hair may need to be textured, detailed or cut when dry in addition to when wet, all of which take time. 

After all, you wouldn’t watch a watch or a custom suit made in 15 minutes would you? You wouldn’t expect results after being in the gym for 15 minutes, right?  What about a car assembled in 15 hours?  Maybe you would. But politics aside, the car assembled in 40 hours usually looks better. It’s the same thing. 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why Universal Healthcare Will Increase Our Nation's Metro-sexual Population

Posted by Melissa Colabella

New research suggests that women from countries with healthier populations prefer more feminine-looking men. Author Jena Pincott recently published an article in the Wall Street Journal on the science behind attraction and masculinity, and the future for manly men.

The article discusses a recent experiment where women from several countries selected the male faces they found to be more attractive. The findings: women with the strongest masculinity preferences tended to hail from the countries with higher disease and mortality rates and some of the poorest scores on the health-care index, including the USA! Conversely, women with the weakest masculinity preferences tended to live in some of the healthiest countries.

Macho men beware, as it could be considered progress if women start pursuing metro-sexuals, men Pincott describes as "impeccable guys who exfoliate, order salads for dinner and carry man purses."

(Royal Society) A pair of faces from the Face Research Laboratory study to evaluate women's preferences. The image on the left has more masculine features like thicker eyebrows and a wider jaw