Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Gifts for Men

When we first opened Truman's in May of 2006, we had no idea how important women were going to be to the success of our business.  To be fair, our ignorance can be forgiven due to the fact that Truman's is dedicated entirely to men.

From the moment the first 30-something woman strolled into the shop after her eye caught one of our Father's Day holiday package window signs, it hit me how big this was.  We had created a "gift" that women had been dying to give their guys - a good haircut.  The manicure was just icing on the cake - she would settle for the haircut.

In reality a lot of gifts that we give are a twinge self-motivated, particularly when the gift is intra-family.  Did my wife REALLY say she wanted a digital camera for her birthday or did I decide it was something she probably should have.  Did the fact that I was interested in that item enter my mind?

Far be it from me to complain, but I think there is a little of that going on when a woman buys a guy a Truman's gift package.  The big difference here - if you will allow me - is that the gift is not usually something the guy necessarily believes he actually needs until he comes in and gets some services.  And then he cannot believe what he was missing.  9 times out of 10 he is hooked.  And then perhaps she wonders if she as created a monster when the next year he actually know what he wants . . . a Truman's Membership!

For great gifts for  . .er. . .him, check out www.trumans-nyc.com/holiday_packages_2011.htm

Happy gift hunting and happy holidays.