Wednesday, June 30, 2010

World Cup Soccer Hair

Posted by Melissa Colabella

The 2010 World Cup is coming to an end, and in case you lost interest due to the USA's recent defeat, here is another reason to stay tuned. Soccer hair!

In soccer, there will always be crew cuts, fades, mullets, braids, faux-hawks and afro's but certain players have taken a modern twist on old-school do's, dejecting distasteful stereotypes and starting new trends in men's hair styling. However, before you run to your stylist for the latest coif, keep in mind that not everyone can pull off a textured mullet like body-fat deficient Portuguese playboy Cristiano Ronoldo.

Legendary trend-setter David Beckham had to sit out this time around but must be mentioned for his influential styles. Although fans booed him during the US vs. England game, one cannot deny that he is very very stylish.
Each country's style reflected their culture with the US remaining more conservative than the rest. Our players performed well in their cropped styles and classic cuts.

Trending this year are bleached non-blondes with Algeria leading the trend in blonded bald fades. Most notable was Hassan Yebda and Faouzi Chaouchi.

The textured faux-hawk is still popular amongst players varied by color, length and styling. Check out Fernando Torres and David Villa. And while Fernando said goodbye to his long blonde highlights, Fabio Coentrao of Portugal  and Valon Behraim of Switzerland wear them proudly.

Outside of the hipster population, long hairstyles haven't survived as a mainstream style in the US. However, soccer athletes around the world wear their hair long, either coiffed or unkempt, causing a need for accessories a la Serbia, Greece, Argentina, Uruguay, Italy and Mexico.

Honorable mention goes to Taribo West who hasn't exactly started a trend with his multi-colored braids, but earns credit for doing so.

And lastly, while Colombia hasn't qualified for  the world cup since their devastating loss of Andres Escobar in 1994, notable mention must be made to the renowned hairstyles to both Andres and Carlos Valderama.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

5,500 Year Old Shoe Found in Armenia

Posted by Melissa Colabella

The Associated Press came out with an article yesterday announcing the oldest shoe ever discovered. The shoe was found in an Armenian cave and dates as far back as between 5,387 and 5,637 years ago.
"The shoe found in what is now Armenia was found in a pit, along with a broken pot and some wild goat horns.," says science writer Randolph E Schmid.

I can't help but notice that after 5,500 years, men's shoes haven't evolved that drastically. Notice the similarity to Cole Haan's FLX Air Jasper Mid's. Come on guys, its time for a shoe revolution!

For more information, check out Oldest Leather Shoe Steps Out After 5,500 Years

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Meet A Truman's Client - Erik Michielsen

Posted by Melissa Colabella

Ever wonder who you will meet at Truman's? We want to thank Truman's client and today's guest blogger, Erik Michielsen for the interview.

Please tell us about yourself. Who are you and where, how and why do you do it?

My name is Erik Michielsen and I'm 36 years old.  I'm a Brooklyn-based Internet and Media entrepreneur.  I was born in Chicago and raised in Michigan.  Since I've been young, I've always been about bringing people together to play, to learn, to work, and to serve.    

My passion is in the human story and how to improve an individual's narrative by connecting him or her to resources - people, information, finances - that can make his or her story shine brighter.  

In early 2009 I began my startup journey piecing together what would become Capture Your Flag.  There are two elements.  The first, the public facing side, is an online video interview series that spotlights up and coming leaders across industries.  The show aspires to inform and inspire its early to mid career viewers to build more fulfilling careers.  The show It does this by showcasing the formative experiences shaping interviewee career decisions and development over time.  Interviews are segmented into short pieces by question and are organized by common leadership themes as well as by industry.  Interviewees return annually to discuss new topics and revisit how previously covered ones have evolved.  The show can be seen at  The second element, the private side, involves creating custom Capture Your Flag experiences for corporations, namely going internal, interviewing rising talent, and creating video interview libraries tailored to talent development, leadership training, and internal communications to help companies develop tomorrow's leaders, starting today.    

My passion for human story extends to my efforts outside my startup.  My focus is on enabling a younger "next generation" of leaders, specifically children.  I'm very involved on two fronts related to this.  The first, Kilifi Kids ( has provided computer labs, scholarships and de-worming medication to over 30,000 children in Kilifi, Kenya.  I'm on the board of directors and am headed to Kenya this summer to kick off a mobile health project that aims to bring health care to the people and, specifically, fight off malnutrition in Kenyan children.  The end goal is to keep them healthier and in school to open their future to possibility.  I'm also involved locally with Peer Health Exchange( which trains college volunteers to go into public high schools across the country and teach a 12-week health education course in schools that no longer offer health education. 

When I'm not building my business or engaged in philanthropic efforts, I love to run - somehow managed to complete the 2009 marathon - and am a huge foodie.  I regularly enter food cookoffs and host dinner parties.  Why?  You guessed it...the unifying element of shared experience and discovery around food, wine, and the encompassing conversation.  Please follow me at and on Twitter!  

What drew you to Truman's?

My early hair salon experiences were interesting ones.  For one, I wore a flat top in high school.  Two, I somehow had the bright idea to have laser lines, specifically a Van Halenlogo, cut into my hair.  While my laser line days are gone, the memories, oh the memories, remain.  In college, I worked at a tailor - a true haberdashery - in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  It was a true salon for conversation and offered a throwback to days where timelessness mattered, not trend.  That element is present in Trumans, where I can go and be comfortable.  Comfortable in my dress and comfortable in my choice of cut.  Medium to long length with a balance between Internet business and Brooklyn.  

As for what drew me to Truman's, it was the concept and dear friends.  New York City is a busy place, and this is good.  There are times however, where we need to find respite amidst ongoing, seemingly never ending demands.  For me, that means three things: running in parks, going to movies, and, yes, hitting Trumans.  I know that going into Truman's guarantees me a warm, casual, stress free experience where I'll be greeted by Joel, Joe or another welcome face and will catapult into the back for a Six Points beer or coffee, a hot towel, a good conversation, and a great haircut.  

On the friends front, I was able to watch my friends Joe and Hans transition into entrepreneurs first hand.  It has been special watching John, Joe, and Hans learn and develop a growing business over time.  The best part has been witnessing the team and culture shape year over year into something that remains so special.  People come in with passion, enthusiasm and commitment and, over time, they build fulfilling careers.  I'm looking forward to what comes next with Truman's, not only for its aspiring staff and clients but also for those who have yet to discover the 56th St. oasis.  

What is your favorite part of the Truman's experience?

As for favorite parts of the Truman's experience, I think it comes down to interacting with staff, exchanging smiles and stories.  No matter my mood, which is admittedly normally a smiling mood, I always leave the Truman's team feeling great and ready to make a greater lasting contribution in what I do each and every day.