Monday, March 1, 2010

My GQ Rebuttal

By Melissa Colabella

I was quite taken aback by  Adam Sachs’ article, ‘How To Choose a Barber”,  featured in the archives of GQ’s style section. 

He asks, “How do we not have robots to do this?” This comment made me wonder if Mr. Sachs has ever had a bad haircut because if he had, he would not suggest we replace hairstylists and barbers with machines. 

His first golden rule: “He should, first of all, be a he.” We at Truman’s, and the apparently the readers of GQ who commented on this article, do not agree. Not to discount our talented male barbers, of course, but I can’t think of a good reason why a man would ever make such an assumption. One respondent commented on his female barber’s attention to detail. Another reader suggested that we not stereotype women’s ability, especially if she’s the “creative” type. And another says “the best hair cutters actually treat your hair like an artistic medium.” 

This got me thinking about what sort of creative hobbies our talented female stylists employ in their free time. I asked three of our stylists if they had any creative talents other than creating hair-masterpieces. Lorraine knits on her free time. Annie creates hand made jewelry for her own jewelry line, Ann Siam. And 
Patricia used to design and sell vintage clothing for designers. 

Hmmm….Adam Sachs we anticipate your call and look forward to booking you with any of our female stylists the next time a robot screws up your lines. 

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