Friday, October 29, 2010

The Luxury Spot Writes About The Truman's Experience

Truman's held a private scotch tasting event for our members sponsored by The Compass Box. Here is another guy who will never wash his hands again following Aneta's manicure.

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"How do you evoke a certain feeling without imposing on people in any way?" Spencer Morgan Writes About The New Trend of Scent Branding

Posted by Melissa Colabella

Have you ever wondered if spritzing your cologne while dressing for work impacted anyone but yourself? Did you ever think about the feelings you could provoke in others who got a whiff of you? Spencer Morgan published an article in Business Week explaining how scent branding is sweeping the fragrance industry and delves into why the corporate world should care about the psychological responses to smell.

"From Abercrombie & Fitch to Fiat, companies are using "ambient scenting" in an effort to leave indelible impressions with their customers," says Morgan. "Credit Suisse, De Beers, and Sony have all been experimenting with ambient scenting in their retail spaces." "Salisbury, North Carolina based Bloom grocery stores made history by erecting the first-ever scented billboard, which sprays a charbroiled smell over a highway via a giant fan."

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Scent Branding Sweeps the Fragrance Industry by Spencer Morgan, Business Week

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"A Groom's Gift of Grooming" Featured on 'Style and Sensibility'

By Melissa Colabella

In the Middle Ages, groomsmen stood by the groom to help him snatch back his bride in the event that her family or a jealous knight would rescue her before becoming the groom’s property. Today, groomsmen’s responsibilities are limited, now reduced to just a few responsibilities with a primary focus on planning a wicked bachelor party, and weddings are centered more around the bride than the bride-hunter.

Thankfully, modern day weddings are not violent and archaic, but in some respects we hold onto those old wedding traditions. Most likely, a groom has selected his groomsmen because these special friends and family members have stood by his side up to this point in his life. It’s important for the groom to recognize this brotherhood by showing his gratitude.

A groom’s gift of grooming is a rather selfish, but greatly appreciated and appropriate gesture. This ensures that your groomsmen don’t show up to your wedding looking the same way they did the morning after your bachelor party, presumably keeping the bride happy as well.........

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Old School Hair Gets Older

By Melissa Colabella

If there is anything that television has taught me, it's that we as viewers love to visit time periods that we have never lived through, or, depending on  your age, re-visit periods that we were too young to remember. Mad Men attracts more viewers and more awards as it approaches the end of it's third season, we're excited to replace the 1060's with the 1920's as we hang out with gangsters and bootleggers on Sunday nights with HBO's new series, Boardwalk Empire.

I've also read that life imitates art, as proven when car hijacking crimes rose after the premier of "Gone in 60 Seconds" and when merlot sales tanked as pinot noir sales rose after the premier of "Sideways". It only seems natural that we'll see more vintage styles becoming mainstream as Martin Scorsese's Boardwalk Empire gains popularity.

Men's hairstyling trends in 2010 were updates versions of "classic" cuts and if my prediction comes true, they'll become even more veteran. See what you think, and if you find that your new style doesn't suit you, you can always cover it up with your already re-popularized fedora.