Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yale University Uncovers the 'Self-Esteem' Impact of a Bad Hair Day

By Melissa Colabella

Yale University did a study sponsored by Physique, a hair care line from Proctor and Gamble, about the impact on our self-esteem if we have a "bad hair day." Both men and women felt similar insecurities.

The three take-aways from the study were:

1) Bad hair lowers self-esteem regarding performance. "The perception of bad hair leads to a reduced sense of performance self-esteem. Just the thought of a bad hair day caused both men and women to feel that they are not as smart as others. Surprisingly, the impact was more pronounced among men.

2) Bad hair increases social insecurity.  "Women tend to feel more disgraced, embarrassed, ashamed or self-conscious.  Men feel more nervous, less confident, and are inclined to be less social."

3) Bad hair intensifies self-criticism. "Evidence shows that bad hair causes one to be more negative about oneself."


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